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The journal is about my life as a traindriver and life in general. There are so many weird things happening underground that it's probably a crime not to write about them. Feel free to friend to it.

So why Severe Delays? Well I'm not supposed to be here. I nipped down to London for a bit and then got distracted and forgot to go home. Bright lights, big city etc. I'm sure you understand. After a bit I became a traindriver - just sort of drifted into it. As you do. It's amazing how many of my colleagues just sort of drifted into it. Very few of us actually set out to get this job. It's quite a nice job though. :-)

Some Facts:

I do not know how to cook scrambled eggs.
I have not taught my mobile phone to swear.
I often sing quietly when driving.
I am very rarely lost.
I am unable to see the point of beer.
I am scared of train stations and diggers.
I have never been to Eastbourne.
I enjoy the word 'wstfgl' as an expression of bewilderment.
And also the roaring and magic of autumn.
I occasionally receive rocks in the post.
I have never seen a full episode of Underground Ernie but already I am a harsh critic.
I cannot sleep if my feet are outside the duvet.
I recently bought a stuffed rabbit which now sits next to a statue of a naked woman.
I have not formally graduated from anything.
I have difficulty telling the time.
I like cherry coke.

sev.delays @gmail is an alternate means of contacting me for people who don't have a profile on here.

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