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I have mostly moved

Due to the consistent problems with LJ I've created a mirror blog over here: http://severedelays.wordpress.com/

I say "mirror", but probably that's going to be the main place I post from now on. You can also find me on Twitter as @severedelays :-)


If thats the main place you post, can you set up a lj syndicated account or would you like me to? Means I can continue to follow you.
I have absolutely no idea what that means! Be my guest.

I will be posting links to any blogposts on Twitter also so hopefully people who want to read won't miss things.
It means setting up an LJ account that slurps in feed from elsewhere.

It can be set up by paying LJ members, for the RSS feeds of other blogs.

So I have set one up for your new blog. If LJ users add
http://severedelays.livejournal.com/ to their friends then they can see it too. Hoorah.

I like syndicated accounts as it means I still get everything in one place and dont have to remember to check elsewhere.... although if LJ is being rubbish of course it is a bugger, same as before.
Also, I have given myself permission not to follow everything on twitter so now on bad days I miss huge chunks. Last week I missed two whole 24 hour periods of twitter. Otherwise I wake, spend an hour catching up, fall asleep again, rinse repeat. So unless it is @techiebabe please dont assume I have seen anything on twitter... although I would like to. Wish I could mark people I follow as essential and others as only for when I am bored:-)

Edited at 2012-06-26 12:50 am (UTC)
When I first started on Twitter I obsessively followed stuff. Now I just dip in and out and don't worry if I miss stuff. Keeping quite a small amount of people to follow helps. I cannot imagine how hard it must be if you have thousands to follow!

Thanks for setting that up. :)