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A couple of shots I grabbed while waiting for something interesting to happen this morning.


Wow, really nice shots - the mist adds that quality to it (kind of reminds me of my uncle's old paintings).

Was this prior to starting work?

Edited at 2011-12-02 09:57 pm (UTC)
Sitting bored in a siding waiting to come out.
Sounds like a good way of passing the time
It was a great morning. Lovely view from the top of the embankment on my train this morning, trees poking through ground mist like sticking out of water and the sun an orange ball just arriving.

Totally gorgeous and my fancy camera phone was flat :(
They always do that don't they? Mine disables the camera when the battery gets to a certain level of lowness, I guess so I don't end up taking pretty pics and being unable to make an emergency call. Because everyone needs to make such a call on their short walk home from the shops...
Pretty. I do miss that element of nightshift; of watching the sun rise and knowing you'll be ok from there on, that you'll make it through the rest of the shift without falling asleep now light has returned, and the beauty of dawn.

To be honest these days I wake up and it's almost time to turn dark again... not seeing a lot of daylight at the moment!
So did anything interesting happen?
I saw a magpie land in a tree on a particularly springy branch and get pinged straight back out again. Minor hysterics in the cab and unable to drive for a bit. That was quite interesting, all things considered.
Hopefully you'd moved on by the second time he got pinged ;)
Oh it never occurred to me he'd TRY AGAIN! *hysterics*
He may be less thick/less keen on doing stupid stuff to entertain his mates than some of the birds I've known (*cough*moorhens*cough* - but yes, chances are he did try again.